Keep Your Child from Harm But Don’t Shelter Them To Death

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Plants and children need protecting to grow to full maturity. I drove through the town of Palisade located on the western slope of Colorado in April. Excitement filled me as I saw the beautiful, delicate, pink, peach blossoms in bloom in the canyon. A couple nights while I was there…

Allow your child to grow and embrace the person they are meant to be

If you have started plants from seeds, you know that you must thin the seedlings out to make room for them to grow and thrive. Similarly, a child needs room to grow into a healthy independent, self-sufficient person.

Plants that are too tightly packed together, tend to choke each other…

Be the inspiration of compassionate actions to energize your child

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Plants need the energy from sunlight like a child needs the guiding light and direction to show compassionate action. Plants need light for photosynthesis, which allows the plant to absorb energy through the chlorophyll in its leaves. It then converts this energy into food. …

Sonja Wendt

Award-winning author for children’s book series Cultivating Compassion in Children. Get a gardening list of how to grow compassionate children at

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